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U Go Hotels is committed to provide its customers with the highest level of professional and personalized service that will take them to meet and exceed their expectations in the increasing of effectively and results.

We provide services of Marketing, E-Commerce, Hotel Contracting, Extranet Management and more to Hotels and Tour Operators.

Because we understand how difficult it can be for hotels to have Worldwide Exposure and of how costly and labor intensive contracting hotels can be when venturing into a new territory or expanding an existing one on these competitive times.

U Go Hotels is one of the few REAL International Wholesalers who can “really” provide any type of Accommodation to Worldwide Travel Agents & Tour Operators mostly from Europe, Asia, South & North America.     

We specialize in helping those partners with their Business Development & expansion for the Hospitality industry, providing them with the best negotiated rates so they can feel confident in marketing & selling those hotels knowing that they can be part of a very competitive market.

For Tour Operators - OTA´s - Wholesalers - Travel Agencies

As experienced hotel contractors we can provide Tour Operators, Online Travel Agencies, Wholesalers and Travel Agencies with all the hotels needed in any territory to help expand or 
open their portfolio.

We can provide properties such as hotels from budget to luxury category, Villas, BB & more in any of these destinations: North America, Latin America, Caribbean & Europe.

We relieve Tour Operators of this difficult task by offering contract services that would include but not limited to Contract Renewal, Contract Negotiation, Rate and Allotment Negotiation, Room Block Management or customize any strategy that would fit your needs.

We negotiate the best possible rates & conditions to pass on those benefits.           

For Hotels

We bring business!

We carefully select the very best Tour Operators, Online Travel Agencies, Wholesalers and Travel Agencies who actually use their particular destinations and we offer them a great commission/mark up structure that they cannot find anywhere else.

We could be your liaison to Tour Operators, Online Travel Agencies, Wholesalers, Travel Agencies, Incentive Houses, Conventional Travel agents and more.

We offer participation in National and International Hospitality/Travel fairs as well as recognize presence in any desired target market or territory.

We can tailor make the Marketing strategy that would fit your needs.

We work with the best, so we can bring volume….that’s our main purpose!