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How can we do that?

We have a very valuable data base of all the hotels that we have worked with throughout many years in the industry (Caribbean, Europe, North America, South America).

Those hotels are our partners, they trust us, they know that we bring good business to them and they support us offering very competitive rates, then, we pass on these benefits to our Travel Agents & Tour Operators, keeping just a little portion of the mark up/commission.

How do we make money?

VOLUME…we bring VOLUME and hotels love us!!!Is a Win Win Situation for both, the Hotel & The Travel Agency/Tour Operator And for us? because is taking us little by little to achieve our main goal….TO BE THE “REAL” #1 INTERNATIONAL HOTEL PROVIDER IN THE INDUSTRY!!!!

How we work?

There are 2 ways of working with U Go Hotels;

We can be a hotel provider as any Receptive,  offering the Operator/Travel Agency the very best Mark up/Commission possible in the industry, or we can provide them with DIRECT CONTRACTING SERVICES where we sign a direct contract from the hotel to them for a negotiable fee to our company from the Operator/Travel Agency.....

All the Tour Operator/Travel Agency has to do, is tell us where they want to be...AND WE TAKE THEM THERE!